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The XZ Family
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About us

The XZ Family is an online edutainment platform for children to foster early learning development, giving them a good foundation for outstanding achievements in various aspects. The XZ Family was established in 2020 by the founders’ desire to create intriguing stories and videos for their sons. The XZ Family creates stories and explainable videos to instill values in children and bring to their awareness distinct practices that promote healthy living, communal harmony, economic development, and successful parenting of the next generation. In the grand scheme, the XZ Family is a school that educates children via entertaining books and videos, teaching them morals and lessons in a compelling manner that both interests them and meets their curiosity. The XZ Family promotes health and fitness. Although our office is located in the United States of America, we seek to impact the lives of children positively locally and globally.

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Donate today and you can begin to help change the lives of neighbors around you who are at risk and danger they may not know how to save themselves from. Help us make America happy and healthy!

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